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Αντισθένης, 445-360 BC ,  Ancient Greek Cynic philosopher
AntisthenesGreek philosopher and a pupil of Socrates. He adopted and developed the ethical side of Socrates' teachings, advocating an ascetic life lived in accordance with virtue. Later writers regarded him as the founder of Cynic philosophy.

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Ancient Greek

It is a royal privilege to do good and be ill spoken of.

Βασιλικόν, καλώς ποιούντα κακώς ακούειν.

his comment when was told that Plato spoke badly about him

The investigation of the meaning of words is the beginning of wisdom.

Αρχή Σοφίας ονομάτων επίσκεψις.

As iron is eaten away by rust, so the envious are consumed by their own passion.

Ώσπερ υπό του ιού τον σίδηρον, ούτω τους φθονερούς υπό του ιδίου ήθους κατεσθίεσθαι.

Cities are doomed when they are unable to distinguish the great men from the bad.

Τότε τας πόλεις απόλλυσθαι, όταν μη δύνωνται τους φαύλους από των σπουδαίων διακρίνειν.

Pay attention to your enemies, for they are the first to discover your mistakes.

Προσέχειν τοις εχθροίς· πρώτοι γαρ των αμαρτημάτων αισθάνονται.

When he was asked what advantage had accrued to him from philosophy, his answer was, “The ability to hold converse with myself.”

Ερωτηθείς τι αυτώ περιγέγονεν εκ φιλοσοφίας, έφη, «το δύνασθαι εαυτώ ομιλείν».

I'd rather be mad than seek pleasure.

Μανείην μάλλον ή ησθείην.

It is better to fall in with crows than with flatterers; for in the one case you are devoured when dead, in the other case while alive.

Κρείττον εις κόρακας ή εις κόλακας εμπεσείν. Οι μεν γαρ νεκρούς, οι δε ζώντας εσθίουσιν.

When somebody told him “many people praise you”, he said “what have I done wrong?”

Προς τον ειπόντα «Πολλοί σε επαινούσι»: «Τι γαρ», έφη, «κακόν πεποίηκα;»

The most necessary lesson is to unlearn all the wrong things.

Μαθημάτων αναγκαιότατον τα κακά απομαθείν.

The wise man would regulate his conduct as a citizen, not according to the established laws, but according to the law of virtue.

Τον σοφόν ού κατά τους κειμένους νόμους πολιτεύσεσθαι, αλλά κατά τον της αρετής.


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