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William ShakespeareNow is the winter of our discontent.

—  William Shakespeare, 1564-1616, English poet & playwright ‐ King Richard III

Karl MarxA spectre is haunting Europe; the spectre of Communism.

—  Karl Marx, 1818-1883, German philosopher

     (the first phrase in The Manifesto of the Communist Party [1848])

George OrwellIt was a bright cold day in April, and the clocks were striking thirteen.

—  George Orwell, 1903-1950, British writer

     (first phrase of “1984”)

Albert CamusMaman died today. Or maybe yesterday; I can't be sure.

Aujourd'hui maman est morte. Ou peut-être hier, je ne sais pas.

—  Albert Camus, 1913-1960, French writer, Nobel 1957

     (first sentences of “The Stranger”)

Charles de GaulleAll my life I have had a certain idea of France.

—  Charles de Gaulle, 1890-1970, French President

     (opening sentence of his Mémoires de guerre)

Samuel BeckettThe sun shone, having no alternative, on the nothing new.

—  Samuel Beckett, 1906-1989, Irish writer, Nobel 1969

     (first phrase of “Murphy”)

Ancient Greek

HomerSing to me of the man, Muse, the man of twists and turns driven time and again off course, once he had plundered the hallowed heights of Troy.

Άνδρα μοι έννεπε, Μούσα, πολύτροπον, ός μάλα πολλά
πλάγχθη, επεὶ Τροίης ιερόν πτολίεθρον έπερσε·

—  Homer, c. 800-750 BC, II ‐ Odyssey I


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