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Dave BarryIn fact, when you get right down to it, almost every explanation Man came up with for anything until about 1926 was stupid.

—  Dave Barry, 1947-, American journalist

Mignon McLaughlinWe all become great explorers during our first few days in a new city, or a new love affair.

—  Mignon McLaughlin, 1913-1983, American magazine editor

André GideMan cannot discover new lands without consenting to lose sight, for a very long time, of the shore.

—  André Gide, 1869-1951, French writer, Nobel 1947

Thomas EdisonI have not failed. I've just found 10,000 ways that won't work.

—  Thomas Edison, 1847-1934, American inventor

Pablo PicassoI do not seek. I just find.

—  Pablo Picasso, 1881-1973, Spanish painter

Arthur SchopenhauerThe alchemists in their search for gold discovered many other things of greater value.

—  Arthur Schopenhauer, 1788-1860, German philosopher

John KeatsFailure is in a sense the highway to success, as each discovery of what is false leads us to seek earnestly after what is true.

—  John Keats, 1795-1821, English poet

Samuel BeckettWe always find something, eh Didi, to let us think we exist?

—  Samuel Beckett, 1906-1989, Irish writer, Nobel 1969

Frank TygerDiscoveries are often made by not following instructions, by going off the main road, by trying the untried.

—  Frank Tyger, 1929-2011, American cartoonist

Alfred North WhiteheadThe greatest invention of the nineteenth century was the invention of the method of invention.

—  Alfred North Whitehead, 1861-1947, British philosopher & mathematician

Isaac AsimovThe most exciting phrase to hear in science, the one that heralds new discoveries, is not “Eureka!”, but “That's funny …”

—  Isaac Asimov, 1920-1992, American Sci-Fi writer

Isaac AsimovThe true delight is in the finding out rather than in the knowing.

—  Isaac Asimov, 1920-1992, American Sci-Fi writer

Carl SaganThe prediction I can make with the highest confidence is that the most amazing discoveries will be the ones we are not today wise enough to foresee.

—  Carl Sagan, 1934-1996, American astronomer

Georg Christoph LichtenbergA good means to discovery is to take away certain parts of a system to find out how the rest behaves.

—  Georg Christoph Lichtenberg, 1742-1799, German author of maxims

Georg Christoph LichtenbergThe American who first discovered Columbus made a bad discovery.

—  Georg Christoph Lichtenberg, 1742-1799, German author of maxims

Marcel ProustThe real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes.

—  Marcel Proust, 1871-1922, French writer

Marcel ProustWe don't receive wisdom; we must discover it for ourselves after a journey that no one can take for us or spare us.

—  Marcel Proust, 1871-1922, French writer

Arthur ClarkeIf we have learned one thing from the history of invention and discovery, it is that, in the long run — and often in the short one — the most daring prophecies seem laughably conservative.

—  Arthur Clarke, 1917-2008, British Sci-Fi writer

Personal Stories

Sigmund FreudI am actually not at all a man of science, not an observer, not an experimenter, not a thinker. I am by temperament nothing but a conquistador.

—  Sigmund Freud, 1856-1939, Austrian psychologist, founder of psychoanalysis

Ancient Greek

ArchimedesEureka! (I found! I found!)

Εύρηκα! Εύρηκα!

—  Archimedes, 287-212 BC, Ancient Greek mathematician & inventor

     (running naked from his bath after dicovering the 'Archimedes principle')


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