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NapoleonA revolution is an idea, taken up by bayonets.

—  Napoleon, 1769-1821, French Emperor

H.L. MenckenTo die for an idea; it is unquestionably noble. But how much nobler it would be if men died for ideas that were true!

—  H.L. Mencken, 1880-1956, American columnist & cultural critic

George OrwellAt any given moment there is an orthodoxy, a body of ideas which it is assumed that all right-thinking people will accept without question.

—  George Orwell, 1903-1950, British writer

Eugene IonescoIdeologies separate us. Dreams and anguish bring us together.

—  Eugene Ionesco, 1912-1994, French-Romanian playwright

Georges ClemenceauMy son is 22 years old. If he had not become a Communist at 22, I would have disowned him. If he is still a Communist at 30, I will do it then.

—  Georges Clemenceau, 1841-1929, French Prime Minister

Georges ClemenceauA young man who isn't a socialist hasn't got a heart; an old man who is a socialist hasn't got a head.

—  Georges Clemenceau, 1841-1929, French Prime Minister

Fernando PessoaNo intelligent idea can gain general acceptance unless some stupidity is mixed in with it.

—  Fernando Pessoa, 1888-1935, Portuguese poet & writer

Albert CamusEvery ideology is contrary to human psychology.

—  Albert Camus, 1913-1960, French writer, Nobel 1957

Stanislaw Jerzy LecIn a war of ideas it is people who get killed.

—  Stanislaw Jerzy Lec, 1906-1966, Polish author of maxims

Jean-Luc GodardKilling a man in defense of an idea is not defending an idea; it is killing a man.

—  Jean-Luc Godard, 1930-, French film director

Joseph StalinIdeas are more powerful than guns. We would not let our enemies have guns, why should we let them have ideas?

—  Joseph Stalin, 1879-1953, Soviet leader

George OrwellSome ideas are so stupid that only intellectuals believe them.

—  George Orwell, 1903-1950, British writer

David Lloyd GeorgeA young man who isn't a socialist hasn't got a heart; an old man who is a socialist hasn't got a head.

—  David Lloyd George, 1863-1945, British Prime Minister [1916-1922]

H.L. MenckenAny man who afflicts the human race with ideas must be prepared to see them misunderstood.

—  H.L. Mencken, 1880-1956, American columnist & cultural critic


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